Dr. Constance Carroll: The incredible impact of community colleges

In this episode, Dr. Constance Carroll, Chancellor Emerita of the San Diego Community College District, joins host Grant Oliphant to share her extraordinary journey in the realm of higher education and her lasting impact on the San Diego community. From her early days as the youngest black woman college president in the United States to her pivotal role in expanding community college baccalaureate programs, Constance’s story is one of resilience, vision, and unwavering dedication to student success.

Constance reflects on her circuitous path from Pittsburgh to San Diego, describing both cities' unique cultural and educational landscapes. She candidly discusses her transition from her plan to be a classics professor to becoming a prominent leader in community college administration, driven by her desire to create meaningful opportunities for students.

The conversation delves into Constance’s influential work as head of the California Community College Baccalaureate Association, highlighting the significance of affordable education and workforce development in today’s economy. Her efforts have led to the expansion of bachelor’s degree programs across California’s community colleges, providing vital pathways for students and meeting critical workforce needs.

Constance also shares personal anecdotes, including the inspirational story of her mother’s perseverance in the face of educational segregation, which deeply influenced her own commitment to education and equity.

Hear Constance Carroll’s inspiring insights on the transformative power of education and her continued dedication to fostering a brighter future for students in San Diego and beyond.

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Dr. Constance Carroll: The incredible impact of community colleges
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