Ramel Wallace: Creativity as Care, Reflection, and Connection

In this episode, Stop & Talk host Grant Oliphant talks with Ramel Wallace, a multifaceted artist, activist, and community builder deeply embedded in the San Diego creative scene. Ramel's journey, rooted in hip-hop storytelling and community engagement, provides a unique lens into the city's history, culture, and social dynamics.

Ramel discusses his viral "We’re San Diegans" video series, which humorously and poignantly captures the essence of San Diego life, touching on local pride, cultural diversity, the city's social issues, and of course, tacos. He also shares his perspective on the significant yet often overlooked impact of redlining and gentrification, which he is exploring through his Far South/Border North campaign.

The conversation delves into Ramel's role as the host of CreativeMornings San Diego, his dedication to fostering creativity and care, and his commitment to cultural preservation through initiatives like "The Last Black Man in Barrio Logan." Through his work, Ramel emphasizes the importance of intimate community connections and the powerful role of creativity in addressing societal issues.

Tune in to hear how Ramel's artistry and activism are shaping San Diego's future, how creativity and care are intertwined, and discover the profound ways in which art can be a catalyst for social change.

This is a production of the Prebys Foundation.

Hosted by Grant Oliphant

Co-Hosted by Crystal Page

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Production Assistance by Tess Karesky

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Recorded at the Voice of San Diego Podcast Studio

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Ramel Wallace: Creativity as Care, Reflection, and Connection
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