Irwin Jacobs: Using What We Have to Strengthen San Diego County

 Irwin Jacobs, joins host Grant Oliphant to reflect on his extensive, impactful philanthropic work in the San Diego region and beyond. He shares an inspiring journey of philanthropy deeply intertwined with personal values and community impact. Irwin speaks candidly about the challenges and triumphs of these endeavors, emphasizing the importance of resilience, vision, and community engagement. 

A lifelong donor and scholarship recipient in his younger years, Irwin’s philanthropic philosophy is rooted in thoughtful engagement, giving back, and a commitment to community betterment. He speaks about the Giving Pledge, a commitment he embraced with humility and purpose, reflecting his belief in substantial, impactful giving. Irwin’s approach, shared with his late wife Joan, highlights a collaborative and generationally inclusive vision, fostering a family legacy of generosity.

The conversation delves into broader societal issues, such as climate change, AI, ideological divides and immigration, showcasing Irwin’s forward-thinking and energetic engagement in philanthropy. His ability to navigate and address multifaceted challenges serves as a model for effective and compassionate giving. 

Listen to Irwin Jacobs' remarkable journey and learn how strategic philanthropy can create lasting, positive change in San Diego County.
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Irwin Jacobs: Using What We Have to Strengthen San Diego County
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